The Chef and I (2024) Nollywood Movie

The Chef and I (2024) Nollywood Movie

Download and Watch The Chef and I (2024) Nollywood Movie starring CHIOMA NWAOHA, CHIKE DANIELS, KENNETH NWADIKE.

THE CHEF & I – features CHIOMA NWAOHA who is a divroce that lost everything to her mean husband KENNETH NWADIKE that left her while she was pregnant, who now works as a cleaner in a restaurant.

He goes to tease and insult her until the restaurant owner CHIKE DANIELS who is disguising as a mere chef just so he could know his staff better comes to her rescue.

He starts looking after her and they soon got close. But Chike’s father already has a billionaire daughter for his son to marry and threatens to disown his son if he continues with Chioma

Would Chike give in to his father’s threat ? Would he leave Chioma so as not to loose his inheritance with his father?.



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